Meming Battle

Last updated: March 01, 2019

How to participate?

Go to Battle Chat and send your best meme.
Your meme will be rated by other users via buttons 👍 and 👎.
Points = 👍 minus 👎.

How to check your Points?

Send to Meming bot message /leaderboard.
Leaderboard updates every 1 hour.

Prizes 🎁


At the end of each month.


All 3 users from TOP-3 (🥇,🥈,🥉). Minimum 20 Points.

What is the prize?

Premium feature "Username on meme" ($4).


  • 1 meme from 1 user per 1 hour
  • Meme lifetime = 24 hours


If you don't want to participate in the battle, add caption "support" to your photo.
This photo will be ignored by the battle system.